Monday, October 29, 2018

Passion sharing from 14th to 30 Dec 2018

To my kink friends and family, I know I have not been around this 2018 at munches munch nor post anything on this blog for a very long time. The main reason is that I want to focus on a couple of things. My gender transition, growing my business from the ground up and family. I am thankful to say these things are improving and moving upwards. I have missed having kink fun. I bought more silk scarves this year and the collection is constantly growing.
I am glad that this year, I have asked my family to allow me to have ME time off to really unwind and do the stuff I miss. I would like to extend my hospitality during this period of time to my home in Brisbane north to couples and ladies. I love to share my love for the culinary arts (BYO drinks) and scarf bondage with you. Sleepovers are also possible.
For my personal safety, preference is for couples and ladies. For single guys, 1 to 2 other ladies need to be present. Drop me a comment  if you are keen ( with your email address) or have any questions.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Learning up kink in a safe intellectual enviroment

Eros coaching is now offering workshops to teach anyone keen learn about the true 50 Shades of Grey can do so now with EROS Coaching run by Dr Martha Lee.

In the month of December on the 19th. There is a introductory sharing session by experienced practioners. I will be also be on of the instructors to share my experiences. Will be sharing about my interests in Scarf Bondage.

Looking forward to this session and seeing you there.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Job opening with a twist

I have been pondering if I should write this here for a couple of days. However, I did not have any luck with the folks I wrote to on fetlife so here it goes.

I am looking for a part time Secretary + Marketing assistant for my business which I have started last year. This is a paid position.  Things are building up and I can't split myself into that many parts. The area of business that I am is in horticulture. Do read my blog: to have any idea on what I do.
First, I need a secretary to keep my schedules in check and maybe contact a few suppliers to check on things or to look for quotation for materials. At times I would task you to visit prospective customers who are keen on my product. I will seek out the customers but you need to look after them. Work hours are flexible to work around what you have going on. This product is on "Growing your own food" programme that I have developed. Sounds complicated but its not.

My business focus is to be in the area of instructing and training in the area of growing plants. I also like to share my BDSM and transitioning experience to someone who is searching. I have helped my trainee: Candysnowflake to discover her interests in BDSM in 2 months and she found her daddy.

Do have watch of this movie: Secretary ( to get some sort of idea what I have in mind.
Feel free to drop me any queries you have if you are keen on this concept.
Email address:

1. Gender: Female
2. Age: 18 onwards.
3. Work experience: Preferred with admin and sales background. School leavers may apply
4. Interests: Nature, plants, vegetables, food
5. Skills: Speak straight to the point yet tactful when required, organised person , an open mind and a heart to learn new things.
6. Residential location: 3 stations away from Serangoon MRT station. Will still consider if you live further away if you fit the other requirements


Monday, October 29, 2012

Punk rock saved my life

My good mate Sylvest...whom I knew when I first join the Goth network...Singapore Dark Alternative Movement. I fully agree with him that punk rock saved my life. I too was bullied but i realise it could be because I was transgender. Still don't know why today. I applaud Sylvest for having the guts to just share how it has changed his life. For me, punk rock save me because it was an out let to just speak my mind. I still is today even at this age and stage in life. Let see if my  2 little monkeys will find solace in this in time to come. Enjoy this V-log

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Scarf Bondage Commerical

Scarf bondage is an area which I have practised and worked on for many years since I was teenager. I love scarves and I love tying and being tied up. So I thought why not merge the 2 together. It was not until the internet age in the late 90s that I discovered...hei...I wasnt the only one who was into this. In fact there are 2 other Scarf bondage masters in the world that does this art form with just scarves.

1st is Scarf Wolfi from Germany
2nd is Bond Dave from the USA.

Of course there are lots more but these 2 folks are my early inspiration into this as well.

At the last munch, I manage to demostrate how scarves are not smooth soft stuff that you can easily get out off. With the right twist and knots, its firm yet comfortable. Beginners who are curious about bondage is less intimidated by this material as ropes are quite rough. If tied wrongly or too tight can cut of circulation which is dangerous.

Bond Dave is working very hard to let more people experience his scarf bondage and thus has made a a commercial about this work.  Its a great and wonderful move.

Here is a picture of my work.

If anyone is keen to learn on this art form, Im happy to answer your queries via email.

Monday, August 20, 2012

This is who I am

Unfortunately this programme is in mandarin. This is a talk show sharing about different groups of guys who like to dress up. Some have a big interest in Cosplay and love to dress up as their favorite female characther and lolita. The other are those whom have had this love for female clothes since a young age.  This is now becoming less taboo. Gender Identity Disorder is no longer considered a disorder. I identify strongly with one of the interviewee being married and having a kid later on. Got bullied by school mates and abused to see if the male genitals is still there. She wanted to go for sex change but the wife slowly change her mind about it. Love can do strange things but can't change the way we are wired.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kinky Tree

I would usually put this in my other blog. But I guess this entry is taken with a pinch of salt. A kinky tree....Im sure you will know why. Thus I saw it as mascot and motif for this blog. I must admit for not updating much recently. My life has engulfed in work and a battles at work. I love my career with strong passion and this kind of given the chill pill. Anyway.....all the best for the rest of year and looking forward to meeting more people at the coming munches. If you are curious and keen to meet other like minded folks. Feel free to drop me an email at